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We have an extensive array of both mechanical and human resources to place at your disposal to ensure that your mailing campaign is produced on schedule and on budget. These resources currently include:


  • Sitma (Line 2) with shuttle feeder, 6 rotary feeders, windmill
    • Domino BitJet Plus ink jet addressing system capable of producing QR and RM PostMark Barcodes and other assorted graphics
    • CMC ROBOT 2000C Counter Stacker and Surge Belt unit for mail sorting and magazine/newspaper bundling
  • Sitma (Line 7) with 2 shuttle feeders, 5 rotary feeders, windmill
    • Image ink jet addressing system
  • 2 x Sitma (Line 1 and 6) with shuttle feeder, 8 rotary feeders, windmill
    • Image ink jet addressing system
  • STS (Line 3) Challenger II with shuttle feeder, 6 rotary feeders and windmill
    • Image ink jet addressing system
  • Sitma (Line 5) with shuttle feeder, 6 rotary feeders
    • Image ink jet addressing system

Envelope Enclosing

  • CMC 8 station Papermail Jumbo inserter
    • C5
  • CMC 4 station Papermail Jumbo inserter
    • C4
  • CMC250 8 station Inserter
    • DL, C5, C4
  • Bell & Howell Vitesse 8 station inserter
    • DL, C5
  • Bell & Howell 6 station inserter
    • C6, DL


  • 25 station Setmaster Collator

Offline Inkjet Addressing & Personalisation

  • AF500 Renaddress - hi-speed, hi-resolution envelope addressing machine
  • Buskro twin headed, wax based ink jet personalisation systems
  • Astrojet 8 head ink jet personalisation system

Laser/Digital Print Equipment including Finishing

  • Colour Print Equipment
    • Xerox 700 high quality colour printer
  • Mono Print Equipment
    • Xerox Nuvera 288
    • Xerox Nuvera 144
    • HP 9050dn
  • PFI 660 Programmatic Guillotine
  • 1 x A3-A4-A5-DL Morgana Major folder
  • 1 x A4-A5-DL Morgana Junior folder
  • Desktop Proofing Creaser
  • Matrix Desktop Laminator
  • Horizon BQ-270 Perfect Binder
  • Morgana Fold-Nak Saddle Stitcher
  • Drilling machine
  • Renz Desktop Wiro Binder


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