Mailing Services in the UK

Published on Saturday 1st July 2017

What are our mailing services?

At Orbital Mailing, we offer a range of services for your mailing needs whether it’s a magazine postal subscription or a direct marketing campaign. Our expertise allows us to handle projects from data and print production through to enclosing and mailing.

Our mailing services include polywrapping, envelope enclosing, personalisation and post and parcel solutions.

Why are mailing services in the UK important?

Mailing services in the UK remain a booming industry. This is of no surprise as direct mail is thriving more than ever whilst the digital world continues to dominate methods of communication and marketing.

Many businesses, large and small, seem to ignore the fact that consumers require a sense of 1-to-1 interaction. Direct mail is in fact one of the most personal forms of contact. Hence, successful businesses often include some form of physical communication whether it is leaflets, brochures, catalogues or letters. 

It is claimed that around 72% of people in the UK open all their post which indicates the vitality of mailing services in the UK.

Also, it is estimated that around 57% of customers feel more valued when they receive mail. More recent statistics show that:

  • 86% of people connected with a company online as a direct response to mail.
  • 87% were influenced to make an online purchase.
  • 61% say mail gives a better impression of the company.
  • Costs of printing mail digitally have fallen by 25% over the last five years.

 So, what are you waiting for?

For a successful marketing campaign, it is necessary to get in touch with the right mailing services company to satisfy your requirements and expectations.

Here at Orbital Mailing we provide a complete mailing service at our mailing house and fulfilment centre in Kent.

We are one of the largest companies for mailing services in the UK so contact us today for more information.



Published by: Orbital Mailing

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mailing services


Mailing Services in the UK

What are our mailing services? At Orbital Mailing, we offer a range of services for your mailing needs whether...

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