Mailing Companies in the UK

Published on Tuesday 28th March 2017

Mailing Companies UKDirect mailing is a very important revenue stream in the UK, a marketing activity that is continuing to grow and provide businesses in a wide range of industries with a clear benefit.

It is estimated that 76% of people welcome mail if it gives useful information, and on average each direct mailing item has just 3.8 seconds to get the recipients attention.

For this reason, it is important to get it right and make your direct mailing items punchy and useful for its intended audience. Doing so will ensure conversions for your mailing campaign.

Other direct mailing facts include:

  • 25% of online purchases are prompted by catalogue and mail shots
  • 91% of direct mail prospects are opened while for e-mails this figure is just 11%
  • Postage stamps on your direct mail gives you a better response rate
  • Personalisation of all direct mail is key for better conversions

Don’t waste your efforts, ensure that your direct marketing is useful, effective and efficient. Contact Orbital Mailing today!

Mailing Companies in the UK

An easy and effective way of getting your direct mailing out to your target audience is to use a mailing company like Orbital Mailing.

Whether you wish to send leaflets, letters, parcels or magazines, Orbital Mailing and their team of experienced direct marketers can assist you.

Orbital Mailing is one of the largest direct mail houses in the UK, based in the south east it is perfectly positioned to extend the reach of your direct mailing campaigns with ease. Mail services offered here at Orbital Mailing include:

  • Post and Parcel solutions – both for UK, EU and internationally
  • Hand Enclosing – with the ability to handle complex projects
  • Polywrapping – we have one of the largest polywrapping facilities in the South East
  • Machine Envelope Enclosing – with the ability to give each of your direct mail items a personal touch
  • Personalisation – we can meet demands for personalisation with each individual mail item

In addition to this, working with Orbital Mailing gives you the option to work with other related services offered by the Orbital group, these include print services, fulfilment services and campaign management.

If you are looking for a mailing company based in the UK to help improve your direct marketing campaigns then contact the team here at Orbital Mailing today on 01233 211211. We are interested in hearing about your project.

Published by: Orbital Mailing

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